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Types and marks of changzhou milling cutter

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Types and marks of changzhou milling cutter

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1. Type of milling cutter:

According to the cutting part of the milling cutter:

A, high speed steel milling cutter: this kind of tool is more complicated.

B. Carbide milling cutter: mostly used for welding or mechanical clamping.

According to the purpose of milling cutter:

A. Milling cutter of machining plane: cylindrical milling cutter, end milling cutter, etc.

B. Milling cutter for machining groove (or stage) : milling cutter, disc milling cutter, sawblade milling cutter, etc. C, special-shaped face milling cutter: forming milling cutters, etc.

A. Sharp teeth milling cutter: the truncate of the tooth back is straight or broken line. It is easy to make and cut, and the cutting edge is sharp.

B. Relieving teeth milling cutter: the truncate of the tooth back is an Archimedes spiral. After the cutting edge of this type of milling cutter, as long as the front Angle remains unchanged, the tooth shape will not change, suitable for forming milling cutter.

2, milling cutter (material generally adopt W18Cr4V) size marking: the cylindrical milling cutter, three sides blade, saw blade milling cutter in diameter X width X inner hole Angle or arc radius (X), vertical milling cutter and keyway milling cutter with outer diameter only commonly.

Main geometry parameters and functions of milling cutter.

1, the name of each part (1) of the milling cutter base: any point on the cutting knife and cutting speed at a vertical plane cutting plane (2) : through cutting edge and a plane perpendicular to the base (3) before the knife surface: chip flow plane (4) after the knife surface: and machining surface relative to the surface

2. The main geometrical Angle and function of the cylindrical milling cutter: the Angle between the front edge and the base surface. The effect is to make the blade sharp, the metal deformation is reduced when cutting, and the chip is easy to be eliminated, so that the cutting is saved.

The Angle between the rear edge and the cutting plane. The main function is to reduce the friction between the blade surface and the cutting plane, and reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece.

The Angle between the tangent line of the spiral tooth and the axis of the milling cutter. The function is to gradually cut and cut off the workpiece to improve the stability of the cutting. At the same time, for the cylindrical milling cutter, there is also the effect of removing the chip from the end surface.

3. The main geometrical Angle of the end milling cutter and the working end milling cutter have one additional cutting edge, so besides the front Angle, the back Angle is also: the main Angle Kr: the main cutting edge and the Angle between the machined surface. The change affects the length of the cutting edge and the width and thickness of the chip.

(2) the Angle of the auxiliary cutting edge and the machined surface. The effect is to reduce the friction between the secondary cutting edge and the machined surface, and to affect the smoothing effect of the secondary cutting edge on the processed surface.

The Angle between the main cutting edge and the base surface. It mainly plays the role of oblique cutting, section 4 forming milling cutter.

Forming milling cutter is used for processing forming on the surface of the special cutter, its blade profile need to be calculated according to the processed workpiece profile design, can be in general milling machine processing complicated shape on the surface, can guarantee the shape, and high efficiency, is widely used in batch production and mass production.


1. Basic concept of shovel teeth: forming milling cutter can be divided into two kinds: sharp teeth and shovel teeth.

The milling and regrinding of the sharp tooth forming milling cutter require special mold, manufacturing and grinding are difficult.

Relieving forming milling cutter tooth on relieving lathe cutting back and shovel from grinding and grinding knife surface only when heavy grinding, because before the blade surface is flat, so grinding is more convenient, the current main forming milling cutter with relieving tooth structure. Two conditions should be met: the shape of the cutting edge is unchanged after the regrinding; To obtain the desired rear Angle.

2. Tooth back curve and equation: through the end section of the milling cutter axis with any point on the cutting edge of the milling cutter, it is called the tooth back curve of the milling cutter with the intersection line of the tooth back surface.

The tooth back curve should satisfy two conditions: first, the back Angle of the milling cutter is basically unchanged after each grinding. The other is manufacturing simplicity. The curve that satisfies the posterior Angle is only a logarithmic spiral, but it is difficult to make. The Archimedes spiral can satisfy the rear Angle, which is simple and easy to implement. Therefore, the Archimedes spiral is widely used as the tooth back curve of forming milling cutter. By the geometry knowledge, the vector radius of each point on the Archimedes spiral is calculated with the increase and decrease of the value of the Angle of the radius of the vector.

Therefore, the Archimedes spiral can be obtained as long as the combination of iso-velocity rotational motion and iso-velocity linear motion along the radius direction.

Use polar coordinates to indicate that when theta =00, it is R, (R is the radius of the milling cutter), and when it is the same as the Angle, the general equation for the tooth back of the "P> milling cutter" is that of "R", "R", "R", "R", "R".

If the blade is not returned, then the milling cutter will rotate the Angle between each tooth and the Angle of the tooth is equal to 2 PI /z, and the tooth amount of the shovel is K, and the increase of the CAM should be K. In order for the blade to move at an equal speed, the curve on the CAM should be the Archimedes spiral, so it is easy to make. In addition, the CAM size is determined only by the sales value of the shovel, which is not related to the diameter of the milling cutter and the back Angle. As long as the sales are equal, the CAM can be used. This is also the reason why the tooth back of the blade is widely applied to the spiral of Archimedes. When the radius R of the milling cutter and the chipping value K are known, it can be obtained from C: when it is 2 PI /z, it is R-K.

R - K = R - 2 PI ∴ C = C/z Kz section 5 of PI / 2 The phenomenon of cutter after passivation will appear

1. From the chip shape, the chip is large and flaky, and the chip color is purple and puffy due to the increase of chip temperature. 2. The roughness of the workpiece surface is very poor, and there are bright spots on the surface of the workpiece with nibbling marks or ripples. 3. The milling process produces a very serious vibration, and there is abnormal noise. 4. From the shape of the blade, the edge of the knife has a shiny white spot.

5. When milling steel parts with carbide milling cutter, there is a large amount of fire fog.

6. Use high speed steel milling cutter to mill steel parts, such as oil lubrication cooling, will produce a lot of smoke.

When the milling cutter is passivated, the wear condition of the milling cutter should be stopped in a timely manner. If the abrasion is slight, the cutting edge can be used for the grinding of oil stone, and then it can be used again. If the wear is heavy, it must be sharpened to prevent excessive wear of the milling cutter.

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