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Knowledge point - start of milling cutter.

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Knowledge point - start of milling cutter.

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The types of milling cutters mainly include end milling cutter, face milling cutter, plain milling cutter and so on. Typical milling machining includes milling plane, chamfering or milling edge, milling outline, milling groove, milling cavity, milling keyway, etc.

The commonly used type of vertical milling cutter includes: square head double-edge end milling cutter, which can be inserted vertically or side milling as the drill bit. Their end teeth extend to the milling cutter center so that they can be inserted into the milling machine. Some three-edge milling cutters can also be slotted. Both double-edged and three-blade end mills are suitable for processing nonferrous metals. The ball head double end milling cutter can be used for milling machining round bottom groove or circular edge.

Compared with the double-edged end milling cutter, the square head four-edge finishing milling cutter is more stable, and can keep the blade sharpness longer, but it cannot be inserted into the milling machine. These mills are best suited for cutting black metal. Compared with four edges finishing mill, four blade roughing mill in smaller machine tool, cutting tool power faster removal of metal deformation and vibration, and the chip breaker can produce smaller, better chip control.

The spiral knife groove of vertical milling cutter can reduce the processing flutter. In processing the spiral flute of one or more points are always keep in contact with the workpiece, and continuous cutting metal materials, so that the machine under continuous load, rather than with a straight flute cutter machining, tool each time and artifacts start impact load and out of contact. Although it is more complex and more costly to make spiral grooves than to make straight cutting tools, the reduction of processing flutter and the improvement of surface finish make it worthwhile.

There are a variety of types and specifications for the monolithic vertical milling cutter. They can be divided into right and left cuts. When the cutting force must be changed in order to avoid pressure on the workpiece, use the left end milling cutter. In addition, the cutter groove length of endmill is different, including short groove, common groove, long groove and lengthening groove. End mill also can be used in a conical, usually each side of the taper was 0.5 °, 1 ° and 0.5 °, 2 ° and 3 °, 5 °, 7 °, 10 °, 15 °, 20 ° and 25 °. In mold machining, these taper end mills are especially useful in order to provide the drawing slant (taper) for the moulding products.


The shell end milling cutter can be machined with both end and side edges to provide a good finish. The commonly used milling cutter has a diameter range of 30-150mm, and the cutting depth is 13-20mm. Due to the limitation of power and rigidity, the vertical lifting platform milling machine is restricted to the smaller type milling cutter. Large diameter shell milling cutter can be used for milling of aluminum and plastic.

The face milling cutter is used for machining larger planes and rapidly removing a large amount of metal material. The diameter range of the blade type face milling cutter is usually 13-75mm. When machining on the vertical lifting platform milling machine, due to the lack of rigidity of the machine tool structure and the resulting flutter, such machine tool is limited to the use of small diameter face milling cutter. Face milling cutter is more suitable for large single column (single arm) milling machine. When milling for softer materials such as aluminum and plastic, a larger diameter face milling cutter can be used without flutter.

The flat milling cutter is usually used in horizontal machining center and is installed on the core shaft supported on both ends. Horizontal end face milling machine can provide the power and rigidity needed to make the flat milling cutter give full play to the advantages of high metal removal rate. However, the horizontal milling cutter can also be used in the vertical milling machine by installing horizontal milling accessories. Although it is necessary to adopt a smaller cutting parameter than the horizontal milling machine in the vertical milling machine due to the rigidity and flutter problem, the attachment is still very useful. The horizontal milling cutter has a higher metal removal rate than other milling cutters in the vertical milling machine with horizontal milling accessories. In the absence of a horizontal milling machine, it is the best way to install several milling cutters on the same core shaft. The flat milling cutter is usually wider than the workpiece and can be used to milling the entire section of the workpiece.

The side - edge milling cutter is similar to the flat milling cutter structure, but they can also be cut with the side cutting edge. Side - edge milling cutter also can milling, cutting heavy metal bar material, flat surface and cutting material into strips. They can be mounted on the R8 shank supported at one end to be processed, but it is best to be used in the horizontal milling attachment of a rigid, higher horizontal milling machine or a vertical milling machine. Like the flat milling cutter, side - edge milling cutter can also be mounted with other milling cutter and multi-tool cutting simultaneously.

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