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The installation and application of nc vertical milling cutter in auto parts processing.

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The installation and application of nc vertical milling cutter in auto parts processing.

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When milling complex workpiece at machining center, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Installation of nc vertical milling cutter.

The milling cutter is mainly used with the spring clamping device, which is in the cantilever state when used. In the process of milling, sometimes from possible endmill cutter holder out gradually, even fall off completely, the phenomenon of the workpiece scrap, general reason is because the inner hole and vertical milling cutter handle outer diameter of the cutter holder, and the oil film between caused by low clamping force. Usually rust-proof oil mill factory, if the use of water-soluble cutting oil, when the cutting knife clamp hole will be attached to a layer of mist of oil film, when the numerical control there are oil film on the handle and the cutter holder, toolholder are hard to firmly grip the handle loose in processing of neutral milling cutter is easy to fall off. Therefore, before installing the milling cutter, clean the end mill handle and the inner hole of the tool holder with the cleaning solution, and then put it into the folder after drying.

When the diameter of the end milling cutter is large, even if the handle and blade are clean, it is still possible to have a knife accident. At this time, the tool handle with the cutting edge and the corresponding side locking method should be selected.

Vertical milling cutter clamping may occur after another problem is the processing of neutral milling cutter in the cutter holder port broken, usually because of cutter holder to use time is too long, toolholder port department has worn into cone, should replace the new cutter holder at this time.


2. Vibration of nc vertical milling cutter.

Because there is a small gap between the end mill and the cutter, the numerical control knife has the possibility of vibration during the machining process. The vibration will make the cutting edge of the vertical milling cutter not uniform, and the cutting expansion is larger than the original value, which affects the machining precision and the service life of the tool. Hours but when machining the groove width, can also have orders to make the tool vibration, obtain required by increasing the cutting expansion slot width, but this kind of circumstance should be vertical milling cutter of the maximum amplitude limit under 0.02 mm, otherwise can't be stable cutting. The smaller the vibration of the normal milling cutter, the better.

When the tool vibration occurs, the cutting speed and feed speed should be considered. If both of them have been reduced by 40%, there is still a large vibration.

If processing system resonance, the reason may be that smaller excessive cutting speed, feed rate, cutting tool system insufficient rigidity, workpiece clamping force is not enough and the workpiece shape or caused by such factors as the workpiece clamping method, at this time should be taken to adjust the cutting dosage, increasing the nc cutting tool system stiffness, improve the feed speed and other measures.

Changzhou carbide milling cutter. PNG.

3. End cutting of CNC end milling cutter.

In the nc milling process of mold and other workpiece cavity, the extension of the end milling cutter should be lengthened when the cutting point is the concave part or deep cavity. If the long edge type vertical milling cutter is used, it is easy to produce vibration and lead to the loss of nc tool due to the large deflection of nc tool. Therefore, in the process of machining, if only the edge of the cutting edge of the nc tool end is required to participate in the cutting, it is better to choose the short blade long shank end milling cutter with long length of CNC tool. When machining the workpiece with large diameter vertical milling cutter on horizontal nc machine tool, it is more important to pay attention to the problem that the cutting edge is easy to occur due to the large deformation of the cutter's self-weight. The cutting speed and feed speed must be greatly reduced in the case of long - edge end mills.

Iv. Selection of cutting parameters.

The choice of cutting speed depends on the material of the workpiece. The choice of feed speed depends on the material of the workpiece and the diameter of the end mill. The tool samples of some foreign tool manufacturers are provided with the table of cutting parameters of nc tool for reference. But at the same time, the machine tool, CNC cutting parameters selection of cutting tool system, processed workpiece shape and the influence of various factors such as the clamping way, should be adjusted according to actual condition cutting speed and feed speed.

The cutting speed and feed speed can be reduced when the life of nc tool is a priority. When the chip is not in good condition, the cutting speed can be increased appropriately.

5. Choice of cutting mode.

It can improve the life of nc tool by adopting the smooth milling to prevent the blade damage. However, there are two important points to note: if a common machine tool is used, the gap between the feeding mechanism should be eliminated. It is advisable to use reverse milling when the surface of the workpiece is left with an oxide film or other hardened layer formed by casting or forging process.

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