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Changzhou Rong kai Tools Factory

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The url:www.czrkgj.com

Address:No. 93-3, xixia villa, xinbei district, changzhou city

Warmly congratulate changzhou rongkai tool factory official website online!

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Warmly congratulate changzhou rongkai tool factory official website online!

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Warmly congratulate changzhou rongkai tool factory official website online!

The url:www.czrkgj.com

Changzhou Rongkai Tools Factory is located at Xixiashu Town in Xinbei District of Changzhou City, close to Grand Canal in south and Changjiang River in north,3 kilometers far from the exit of Shanghai Nanjing Expressway and 4 kilometers from Changzhou Airport. It is very convenient In  transportationtransportation.

The  factory is a scientific-technoligical enterprise which can design and produce, Main products are CNC machine tools,carbide indexable tools,

carbide brazed tools,NC tool system holders for loring and milling,solid carbide tools,solid carbide non-standard tool, etc. In addition to

We are able to manage designing and making of non standard tools for special purpose on clients demand.

Our aim is: "Quality First, Credit Topmost and Delivery on Time.Research on cost reduction of tool loss in machining industry.The aim is to provide customers with solutions to improve production efficiency and reduce tool consumption.The company has been developing continuously in the cutting tool industry, constantly innovating, developing and developing new products, and also gaining the recognition of customers.

Changzhou rongkai tool factory staff sincerely welcome new and old friends joint venture cooperation, common development.

The address of this article:http://en.czrkgj.com/news/386.html

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