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The most basic requirement for turning a complex part is that the cutting edge can enter the area where the part profile is located. For example, when processing ductile materials, especially nickel-based alloys, their resilience is very large. One solution is to divide a walking knife into two walking knives and replace the outward feed with the central feed to obtain the ultimate profile.

Thin and slender parts are difficult to be clamped, and the cutting force may cause the deformation of the workpiece, poor surface roughness and even scrap the parts.


Machine processing is often used: car, milling, drilling, grinding, planing. Processing using two different type of blades, the blade life is still very low, is recommended to use Japan's sumitomo electric company AC2000 CVD coating blade, by changing the feeding and cutting speed to the above two kinds of material, don't have to stop the replacement blades, significantly improved the knives' service life. Titanium and plastics, however, have similar resilience.

In a word, the improvement of metal cutting will certainly make the turning of complex parts easier. To process some complex parts economically and effectively, it still needs the cooperation of technological factors. This method is time-consuming. This requires the selection of suitable blade profile, main deflection Angle, auxiliary deflection Angle, front Angle and back Angle. The drawback is that it takes time, and you have to stop the knife once, which will leave a knife mark on the workpiece. When selecting the shape of the blade, the hinge should consider the strength of the blade. In addition, other complex factors include workpiece material processability, expected output and machine tool capability, as well as delivery time and processing cost.

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