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Classification of changzhou milling cutter

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Classification of changzhou milling cutter

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There are many types of milling cutter shapes, such as normal milling machine and nc milling machine processing slot and linear profile, milling and boring center processing cavity, core, surface shape/profile.

The milling cutter is generally divided into:

1. Plane-head milling cutter, precision milling or rough milling, milling groove, removing a large number of blank, small area horizontal plane or contour precision milling;

2. Ball head milling cutter, semi-precision milling and precision milling of surface; The knife can fine mill the small chamfer of steep face/straight wall.

3. Round nose milling cutter, with less change of surface, less small concave area and more rough milling than flat area.

4. Flat-end milling cutter with chamfering Angle can do rough milling to remove a large number of blank, and fine milling of fine flat surface (relative to steep surface) with small chamfering Angle.

5. Shaped milling cutter, including chamfering cutter, t-shaped milling cutter or drum cutter, tooth cutter and inner R cutter.

6. Chamfering knife. Chamfering knife has the same shape as chamfering knife. It is divided into milling cutter with round chamfering Angle and inclined chamfering Angle.

7. Type T knife, can mill type T groove;

8. Toothed knife, milling out various types of teeth, such as gears.

9. Rough milling cutter, which is designed for cutting aluminum and copper alloy, can be processed quickly.

There are two kinds of materials commonly used in milling cutter: high speed steel and hard alloy. Which is relatively high hardness, strong cutting force, can improve the speed and feed rate, increase productivity, let the knife is not obvious, and processing hard processing material such as stainless steel/titanium alloy, but costs are higher, and the cutting force under the condition of rapid alternating easily broken sword.


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